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Makeup Launches for Spring 2019

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Things have been relatively quiet on the makeup front lately (or maybe I was too busy working and being broke), but it looks like releases are picking up and we should probably braces ourselves for a plethora of makeup launches for Spring 2019.


As usual, Colourpop is pumping out release after release to the point that it’s almost hard to keep up. Here are some of their most recent launches.

Zoella x Colourpop: Brunch Date

makeup launches for spring 2019
Source: Colourpop Instagram

The brand has collaborated with British megastar influencer/vlogger Zoella on a huge collection of seventies themed products, including an eyeshadow palette, blushes, eyeliners, lip liners, liquid lipsticks.

I’m sure this will sell out like hot cakes, but I’m feeling meh about this collaboration. I do like Zoella and I’m a sucker for seventies themed stuff, but the eyeshadow palette is just another neutral palette with a pop of blue, and I already have 4 of those (I’m still using with the Urban Decay Beached palette, by the way). There’s no doubt, however, that this is going to be one of the hottest makeup launches this Spring.

Brunch date: Feb. 27th ’19 on the Colourpop website.

So Juicy Pumping lip glosses

makeup launches for spring 2019
Source: Colourpop website

The So Juicy lip gloss will hydrate your lips and make them look shinier and fuller. 20 shades available.

I don’t know what it is with plumping glosses these days. What’s wrong with regular lip glosses? I hate the sting I get from those plumping products. Also, I don’t think my lips need plumping and if they ever did, those products don’t work anyway.

Launch date: out now (see the Colourpop website)

Price: $7 a piece ($150 for the whole PR collection)

the big box of lippie pencils

makeup launches for spring 2019
Source: Colourpop website

Just in case you have a serious addiction to lip pencils, the brand is releasing its entire 40-shade collection in one pack-of-cigarette-looking box. I don’t think it’s necessary for anyone to be 40 lip pencils all at once, unless you are a makeup artist. Regular makeup enthusiasts, stay away from this bundle. They’ll have dried out by the time you even get to use all of them. The usual shelf life of a lip liner is 12 months.

Launch date: out now

Price: $150 (or $5 per pencil, if you’re sensible)

The cynical minute: if you can’t afford that box in one payment, Colourpop offers an interest-free payment in $37.50 installments. More seriously, if you can’t afford a $150 lipstick box, don’t. Life is too short to take out a makeup loan.

just my luck eyeshadow palette

makeup launches for spring 2019
Source: Colourpop website

This is one of the three makeup launches for spring 2019 that I’m going to find really hard to resist. Hell, I might just buy it, you know. The problem is that I am aware that green eyeshadows are shoved down our throats and that I want this because marketing ploys work on me. Will I actually use these eyeshadows if I buy them? That’s a whole other story.

Launch date: out now

Price: $12 on the Colourpop website. The price is a huge incentive.

Here’s a review made by the amazing Mel Thompson:

Urban Decay x game of thrones

makeup launches for spring 2019
Source: Trendmood Instagram

Yes, you’ve read that right. Urban Decay is working with (the second best TV show ever) Game of Thrones on a makeup collection. They haven’t disclosed any info as to what kind of products will be released.

I’m expecting cool toned vs. warm toned products because, you know, fire and ice. I’m hoping for a matte/shimmer eyeshadow palette. I know this is all marketing and crap, but I’m down. TAKE. MY. MONEY.

Launch date: April 2019, obviously.

Makeup Revolution – Revolution Pro Powder Foundation

makeup launches for spring 2019 makeup revolution powder foundation
Source: Revolution Beauty Instagram

I wonder if this is a followup to the Conceal and Define liquid foundation released a few months ago? The Revolution Pro Powder Foundation comes in 18 shades and gives medium coverage.

Price: $7

Launch date: out now (check out the Revolution website)

Viseart – Petit Pro 4 Apricotine and Petit Pro 5 Soleil

makeup launches for spring 2019 viseart petit pro 4 and 5 apricotine and soleil
Source: Viseart Instagram

Viseart is coming up with two *very* summery palettes: Apricotine and Soleil.

I don’t own any Viseart makeup (yet) and I have to admit the price point and colour scheme of these palettes is appealing. In my opinion, the Soleil one is way more interesting than the Apricotine. As far as makeup launches for Spring 2019 are concerned, this one is a definitely maybe for me.

Price: $30

Launch date: out now

Beauty Bakerie – The proof is in the pudding eyeshadow palette

makeup launches for spring 2019 beauty bakeries the proof is in the pudding eyeshadow palette
Source: Beauty Bakerie Instagram

Okay. I really like the whole bakery cakey muffin concept and I’m all for supporting indie brands, but this one is a bit underwhelming in my opinion. Also, I find it eerily similar to Colourpop’s Yes, Please! and Double Entendre palettes. The only difference is that they have more shadows and cost $16. To be fair, the colour scheme is very common and it probably looks like dozens of other eyeshadow palettes.

Price: $38

Launch date: out now (Beauty Bakerie website)

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Riviera eyeshadow palette

makeup launches for spring 2019
Source: Trendmood Instagram

Just in: Anastasia Beverly Hills is coming out with a new eyeshadow palette and I’m probably too old to get that excited about makeup. If you know me, you know I’ll be throwing money at my computer screen when it comes out.

Launch date: out now

Price: $45 on Beautylish, £46 on Cult Beauty.

Update: I’ve bought the palette and you can check out my review here.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Blue Blood Palette

makeup launches for spring 2019
Source: Jeffree Star youtube channel

Jeffree Star’s brand is coming out with an entire range of blue lipsticks, new lip scrubs, clothes, accessories, and of course, the much awaited sister to the Blood Sugar palette: the Blue Blood eyeshadow palette.

Although I think it looks really cool and unique, I don’t think I’m going to purchase it because I wouldn’t really know what to do with it. Also, blue eyeshadows can be a lot of work and they’re not always easy to pull off.

Launch date: 29th March

Price: $52

Are you interested in any of these makeup launches for spring 2019? Also, did you catch my 90s Brit rock reference? Sound off below.

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  • Reply
    February 27, 2019 at 8:47 pm

    I tried to write a comment directly on your page but it wouldn’t let me. 🤔 But anyways, what I was saying was that your comment of throwing money at the computer screen for the new Anastasia palette made me almost spit out my water because I wanted to laugh. 😂 I love the looks of that palette! Make me drool. 🤤🤤

    • Reply
      February 28, 2019 at 8:57 pm

      You can bet I’ll be up at 8 on Monday to snatch that damn palette. My life is sad, really.

  • Reply
    Cordelia Moor
    February 26, 2019 at 5:55 pm

    Are we surprised Zoella’s contribution to the world of makeup is … neutrals with a pop of blue? Anyway. The Soleil and Riviera palettes have me actually EXCITED for some beauty launches for the first time in a while. I love the branding of the new ABH palette, and that blue shimmer is just speaking directly to my soul tbh. Gorgeous. I haven’t tried any viseart either but I love the look of the deep purples with the bright yellow. Perfection.

    Cordelia ||

  • Reply
    The Newbury Girl
    February 25, 2019 at 4:42 am

    I know I may be biased because Zoella isn’t big in the US, but the CP x Zoella collaboration just seems so lackluster to me. I think it’s a smart move to collab with a bigger European influencer, but I would have rather seen them do a smaller release with a smaller creator like Angelica Nyqvist.

    But also, I’ve been drooling over the CP lippie box but cannot bring myself to spend that kind of money on lip liners (even if it’s for 40).

    Currently I’m most hyped for the Viseart and UD launches!! I really want to snag the Soleil Palette, too. I’ve tried Viseart Mattes (and liked them), but haven’t tried any shimmers. For UD, I’m really hopeful no they play into the Fire and Ice theme and do something more edgy and colorful!

    Side note, have you seen all the indie brands releasing multi-chromes?? I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of those, but haven’t figured out what brand I want to purchase from!!

    PS sorry for the essay lol

  • Reply
    February 25, 2019 at 2:13 am

    The Zoella products looks cute, the concept and packaging isn’t overdone but the eyeshadow palette does seem the same as lots of other neutral palettes out there! I guess maybe she did that for a first palette so anyone can use it 🙂

  • Leave a Reply