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Viseart Soleil Petit Pro Palette Review

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viseart soleil petit pro feature

I’m aware that the Viseart Soleil Petit Pro palette is eerily similar to the ABH Riviera palette (see my review here), but I just couldn’t help myself. Don’t judge me.

Price point, packaging, quantity and other info

Price: $30 on Beautylish or €26.95 on Beauty Bay. For once, the price in Europe isn’t disgustingly higher than in the US.

Quantity: there are 8 shades for a total of 8 grams, average price per gram: €3.36. That’s quite cheap for a brand like Viseart. I think these palettes are meant to compete on the mid price range market with brands like Urban Decay (to give you a rough idea, the Naked Reloaded palette price per gram is €3.16).

viseart soleil petit pro closeup

Here are the shades:

  • Pastille: Light, warm-toned taupe with a matte finish
  • Taffy: Iced cherry blossom with a shimmer finish
  • Watermelon: Medium-toned red with a shimmer finish
  • Pastis: Medium, warm-toned citron with a matte finish
  • Bonbon: Iced violet-blue duochrome with a high shine finish
  • Lavender: Byzantine purple with a matte finish
  • Marmalade: Terracotta with a shimmer finish
  • Soleil: Yellow gold with a shimmer finish

The palette has a really cute and tiny packaging (almost the size of a credit card) and comes with a mirror.

The pans are magnetised and can easily be removed. Considering the size of the pans, I suppose this is particularly useful if you have other Petit Pro palettes and want to use specific shades. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of the taupe in there, but more on that later.

you can remove the pans from the viseart soleil palette

The Viseart Soleil Petit Pro palette is cruelty-free, paraben-free, petrochemical-free, silicone-free, mineral oil-free and gluten-free.

Review and swatches

viseart soleil swatches


All of the shades are soft, with the exception of Lavender (the purple one), which feels extremely dry.


As with most palettes, all the shimmers are fine and always give a better payoff when applied with a wet brush or fingertips. I wouldn’t say they are the best shimmers I’ve ever used, though.

The mattes of a palette are usually more representative of its overall quality, especially yellows and purples. The latter are notoriously hard to formulate.

Pastis (the yellow one) is fine although you’ll need to apply quite a bit to get some pigmentation out of it.

Lavender is the most underwhelming shadow in the palette. As a matter of fact, it’s probably one of the most underwhelming shadows I own (and I own a lot of Makeup Revolution, so that says something). It has next to zero payoff and needs a ton of building up.


The advantage of smaller colour stories is that they take the guess work out of the equation. There are only three matte shades: taupe, yellow and purple, so there’s only so many combinations you can come up with.

All the shadows are easy to blend and I didn’t notice any fallout.


I have nothing bad to say about the lasting power of the shades. They’re all great.

Comparison to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera palette

viseart soleil palette vs anastasia beverly hills riviera swatches
Left swatches: ABH
Right swatches: Viseart Soleil

So, as you can see, four out of the eight shades are kind of similar to the ABH Riviera shades. But being remotely similar doesn’t make a dupe. They have different tones and, to be fair, they perform very differently. The only two shades that are almost exact copies are the purples. However, it’s pretty obvious from the picture that Lavender doesn’t hold a candle to the pigmentation of the ABH Cannes (no matter how much I disliked it).

My thoughts on the Viseart Soleil Petit Pro Palette

Overall, I think it’s a good idea for the brand to try and find a different audience with those affordable palettes, but unfortunately I don’t think they showcase the true quality of Viseart. I have tried some of their bigger palettes and the Petit Pro range doesn’t compare to that quality.

Earlier in this post I pointed out that the Soleil Petit Pro was pretty much the same price range as Urban Decay eyeshadows. So, how do they compare? Well, the only UD palette I own is the Beached palette (you can see what it looks like here) and I’m sorry to say that I feel it’s superior to the Soleil palette.

I also have a tiff with a couple of shades: I don’t see the point of having a taupe in such a colourful palette. I do understand the concept of transition colours, but this shade won’t cater to that many complexions.

Also, I find that Taffy (2nd shade) and Watermelon (3rd shade) look way too similar and it would have been more interesting if one of them was matte.

Finally, Lavender. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a total dud.

If you’re hesitating between purchasing the Viseart Soleil Petit Pro and the ABH Riviera, go for the Riviera palette. It’s worth every penny.

So, if you really want to try out Viseart eyeshadows, I would recommend saving up and indulging in one of their bigger, more established eyeshadow palettes. This Soleil Petit Pro feels more like a cute marketing ploy than anything.

In-depth review of the (very affordable) Viseart Soleil Petit Pro eyeshadow palette. The perfect colour story for the spring and summer, but is it Viseart quality? How does it compare to Anastasia Beverly Hills's Riviera palette? Click to find out!

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