About me


I’m 36 and I love blaming all my flaws on old age. I was born and raised in French-speaking Belgium, and that’s why I write my posts both in French and English. Oh, and I teach English as a foreign language in Brussels. 

Although I really like talking about grammar for hours on end, I sometimes need to go shopping to get my mind off my job. That’s where the magic happens: my salary transforms into makeup and skin care. I also happen to enjoy taking pictures and writing, so making a blog about what I like seemed like a good idea.

I will write about mental health from time to time because I have been suffering from anxiety all my life and, as much as I love makeup, I think it’s crucial to use any platform to raise awareness about mental health and try to help.

have a bubbly five-year-old Labrador and, as if hoovering 4 times a week wasn’t enough, got the Lab a mischievous Border Collie sister, who’s now four years old. Their names, respectively Dexter and Tikka, probably let on the fact that I enjoy watching series and eating Indian food, sometimes simultaneously.

For business enquiries: kate@katedaysaweek.be (puppy pictures are also welcomed)