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makeup i regret buying
Makeup Misc.

Makeup I regret buying

Call me an impulsive buyer or a fomo sufferer, but there’s a portion of my makeup collection that I often look at with a deep sense…

Makeup Misc.

Smaller Badass Beauty Youtubers

Sick of the same ol’ unrelatable beauty gurus on YouTube? Have a look at this smaller badass beauty youtubers list and thank me later.  Smokey Glow…

unpopular makeup opinions
Makeup Misc.

Unpopular Makeup Opinions

Here are things that irritate me about the makeup industry, makeup application, makeup trends or just makeup in general. This is meant to be light-hearted, so…

my mac lipstick collection
Makeup Misc.

My MAC lipstick collection

My MAC lipstick collection has recently reached the grand total of 10 and I thought I would ‘celebrate’ (I have a lot of free time, don’t…

favoris du mois de mai
Makeup Misc.

May Favourites

I always make sure my titles are self-explanatory so I don't have to write excerpts. …

makeup ride or die tag
Makeup Misc.

Makeup Ride or Die TAG

I was inspired to do this Ride or Die tag by French blogger sweetgeeky. Make sure you check her out! Foundation: Clinique Superbalanced Makeup. It’s obvious…